Robbie Lawrence

Born in Edinburgh, a city where the weather shapes the mood as much as the landscape, Robbie Lawrence was drawn to the arts from a young age. Visually, it was always about images – first painting and drawing, and later photography during his studies in New York. Although his photographs speak volumes, he’s long been drawn to the written word as well. After completing a degree in literature, he has since pursued both photography and writing. Read articles by Robbie Lawrence here

Michael Smith

Michael is a writer whose work focuses on the intimacy of individual experience and the poetry of place. He works in traditional forms like the novel (Unreal City, Giro Playboy) and the essay, but also loves exploring the possibilities of extending the art of writing into other media. Michael also writes and directs short films including Lost in London and Drift Street. Read articles by Michael Smith here

Orlando Gough

Orlando Gough is a composer. He writes operas, choral pieces, and music for dance and theatre. He is a keen cook. Read articles by Orlando Gough here

Sara Wheeler

Sara Wheeler is a prize-winning non-fiction writer. Her books include the international bestseller Terra Incognita, which tells the story of a seven-month journey in Antarctica. The Daily Telegraph reviewer wrote of it, ‘I do not think there will ever be a better book written about the Antarctic’. Other books include The Magnetic North: Notes from the Arctic Circle, and Access All Areas: Selected Writings, 1990-2010. Sara is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a contributing editor of The Literary Review. Read articles by Sara Wheeler here