The Pinafore Dress | How To Wear / Style & Stories

27th September 2017

We asked Nikki, our Head of Buying, how she would style the Pinafore Dress.

What do you wear with the pinafore dress?

I wear mine (the Pinstripe Wool Pinafore Dress) with a slim wool sweater beneath – I always think that wool looks best when worn with wool. I have a few Toast sweaters, so I swap between the Button Shoulder Wool Sweater in ember (though you could wear it with a grey sweater if you prefer a more classic, understated look) and the Cashmere Wool Button Sweater – I have it in fern, which is a lovely, earthy colour. These sweaters both give a nice, neat silhouette that works really well with the straight line of the dress. It’s flattering to wear something slim beneath something easy – loose over loose never really works. The button shoulder is a nod to more traditional mariner sweaters and I like the extra detail.


What about tights and shoes?

Neat little ankle socks paired with chunky shoes is incredibly chic. If you wear mainly dark blues, greys and blacks then I think it’s quite nice to have a little splash of colour with a sock (but that’s just my preference!). If it’s chilly outside I’d opt for tights. I don’t like anything shiny so the matte natural fibres of our Merino Falke Tights are great for me.

How would you wear the other pinafore dresses?

If I was wearing the Black Denim Pinafore Dress – which is a bit more casual – then I would pair it with a striped long sleeve tee or a polo neck. Cotton on cotton works well, but as I mentioned before, the top needs to be neat fitting. On a cold day I would wear a chunkier sweater. Rather than shoes or boots, I’d keep it relaxed with the Leather Trainers in black. 

And the coat?

I would wear it with a duffle coat – it goes with the slightly collegiate vibe and I like that! Or a parka, as they work with everything and add a casual, everyday look.


Why does the pinafore dress work so well?

Because it’s so versatile and comfortable and the shape is great – it gives off a relaxed boy-ish confidence. It looks grownup but stylish and contemporary – all at the same time!

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