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MEN | NEW COLLECTION. Available to view at #fosterthoughtfulness #mensstyle
Water on the land, the skies smoky with weather - morning mists, clouds piling up mightily then whipped away, rain squalls, sudden sunshine, fogs, cold wind from the east, wet wind from the west. The wide world and the small: long walks in the weather, the fireside - loving both. Words by TOAST Founder @james_seaton #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
OF THE LAND | Richard Skelton & Autumn Richardson - Landscape Artists. Westbourne Grove Shop, #Notting Hill. A reconnection with the landscape is at the heart of Richard Skelton & Autumn Richardson's work. Incorporating printed matter, sound, film and found fragments, their work has a delicate precision, as though every word or artefact has a necessary purpose and place. A talk from TOAST Travels contributor @louisa_thomsen_brits on their work will be taking place, alongside the installation at our Westbourne Grove Shop on Thursday 15 October 6-8pm. If you would like to attend, register your interest at #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
Deep teals, threads of ochre, kingfisher, vermillion. New TOAST blankets & throws at #fosterthoughtfulness
AUTUMNAL APPLE CAKE | Our Head of Graphics Jo made us this beautifully presented Apple Cake, subtly spiced with cardamom for the TOAST team this morning. #fosterthoughtfulness #madewiththought
OF THE LAND | Installations & Talks. TOAST has partnered with three artists who work with and on the land - @roannawells @atdbuick and Richard Skelton & Autumn Richardson. Each artist has created an installation for a TOAST shop. A talk and demonstration will be taking place alongside their installation. Learn more and register your interest at and on our blog TOAST Travels. Photo - @roannawells mark-making. #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
WORDS FROM THE WILD | By @me_and_orla - Nature's lost words and the changing language of our children. Now on our blog TOAST Travels. Photo by @jamesmelia #fosterthoughtfulness
READING AT HOME | New Late Autumn House&Home Lookbook now at #fosterthoughtfulness #slowliving #morningslikethese
NEW COLLECTION | Late Autumn 15 now online & in shops. #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
BEYOND THE GARDEN GATE | OXFORD. A regram by @aesmestudio wearing our pleat detail printed shirt dress. #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness #pursuepretty
GENERATIONS OF THE LAND | 'I remember being filled with a thrilling sense of terror by that view. Towering pines, clustered densely together under folds of fog'. Writer & Photographer @robbiel1 returns to the Scottish Highlands. Read more on TOAST Travels - #OfTheLand
Food Alchemist Tiffany Jesse – growing, preserving, fermenting. 'The art of fermenting food is very traditional with many cultures in the past, using it to both preserve food and boost the nutritional content of the ingredients.' Read more about the art of fermenting and our OASbyTOAST shoot at #OASbyTOAST
OASbyTOAST DENIM TUNIC | A regram from tableware designer @suepryke slipcasting porcelain cups and bowls in her workwear-inspired OASbyTOAST denim tunic. View the full #OASbyTOAST collection at
A Garden Designer: bringing natural harmonies to the city. Our #OASbyTOAST shoot features four women, going about their work, wearing OASbyTOAST clothes. This week we speak to garden designer Cali Rand. Read more on TOAST Travels – #fosterthoughtfulness #OASbyTOAST
EARTHENWARE MUGS / BEFORE SHOT. An outtake from our #OASbyTOAST shoot. Potter Nicola Easton's earthenware mugs (pre kiln) between shots. Read her Q&A on the TOAST Travels blog. Regram by @i_am_klea #fosterthoughtfulness
WARMTH / DAHL. Feeling happy & full in the TOAST studio. Dahl lunch made by @tiosk_uk & a talk from TOAST Founder @james_seaton #fosterthoughtfulness #eatlocal #eatseasonal #onmytable #regram
OASbyTOAST is our new collection of workwear-inspired clothing. Our shoot features four women, going about their work, wearing OASbyTOAST clothes. Sarah Hiscox is an icon painter. She describes an icon as “a drawn prayer,” the process as “God saying a prayer through the artist.” The materials used and the processes followed – from the grinding of the pigments to the final vanishings – are strictly prescribed: technique has blended into ritual, each stage and action imbued with spiritual significance – the whole becoming a deeply opening, meditative exercise. Thus the hushed power of the finished works, their charisma. Read more on our blog - TOAST Travels - #OASbyTOAST
AMY MERRICK – OASbyTOAST | Brooklyn based floral designer @amy_merrick wearing the denim dungarees from our new workwear-inspired collection #OASbyTOAST #regram #geraniums #OfTheLand
HOW DO YOU WORK & WEAR OASbyTOAST? The Tactility of Utility is the phrase we took as the precept for our new collection of workwear-inspired clothing. Share a picture of yourself wearing your OASbyTOAST item as you work, on Instagram or Twitter. Tag our name @toasttravels with the hashtag #OASbyTOAST We will be featuring our favourite pictures of you on our Instagram feed. As a small thank you, our chosen entries will receive £50 worth of TOAST. Regram by woodworker Sophie @grainandknot
THANK YOU | 20,000 FOLLOWERS. Thank you for following TOAST on instagram. We are very happy to have you. Holly our Creative Visual Merchandiser created this '20' using wild blackberry flowers and fruit, sloes and cobnuts. #fosterthoughtfulness #OfTheLand