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CHANTERELLES / Regram by TOAST Founder @james_seaton
OF THE LAND / A THANK YOU to Natural History Conservation student @youngmeerim (pictured) for selecting and sharing insight throughout our #OfTheLand campaign. We've enjoyed your carefully considered observations very much. If you haven't already, you can read more about Young on our blog Toast Travels - look for the article 'Young Mee Rim - Findings From The Land'. @youngmeerim we hope to meet you in person soon. #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
FOR WARM RAINY DAYS / Long, medium weight parka in a soft water resistant cotton, woven in the UK. #fosterthoughtfulness
NORTHERN FULMAR / @youngmeerim 'favourite find' #OfTheLand final week. Regram by @ovlie Young's insight - 'Since this photo is from Iceland, I reckon this is a northern fulmar. Fulmars resemble seagulls a little, but they are easy to recognise by the salt gland on top of the beak, which you can see here. They are common in the sub-arctic region along the coasts and thus imbibing high amounts of salt water. The salt gland helps desalinate their bodies by excreting a saline solution. In addition to this, fulmars also produce a stomach oil that they can spray out of their mouths as a defence, or use as an energy rich food source for their chicks. Clever!' You can view Young's other favourite finds on the TOAST blog #OfTheLand
HYDRANGEAS / @youngmeerim 'favourite find' #OfTheLand final week Regram by @flojoro123 Young's insight - 'Some species of hydrangea change colour according to the pH-level of the soil, which I think is really interesting! For instance, an acidic soil will make one species turn mostly blue, whereas an alkaline soil will make the same species produce flowers more pink. My mother also taught me that you can cut flowers off while they are still in bloom and colourful, then air dry them and they will keep their colour at that given moment! I have some beautiful dried bluish purple hydrangeas in my apartment thanks to her.' #OfTheLand #hydrangeas
EARLY AUTUMN / The New Collection now at #fosterthoughtfulness
SEA HOLLY / TOAST Notting Hill. Photo by @zobolondon #OfTheLand
FLINT / Our Head of Visual Merchandising hand picked a tonne of flint for our shop windows. This morning we went to explore the VM team's handiwork at TOAST Notting Hill with instagrammer, photographer & friend @zobolondon, who took this picture. #OfTheLand #flint
ECHINODERMS / @youngmeerim 'favourite find' #OfTheLand Regram by @digginginhighheels Young's insight - 'There is something about echinoderms (sea urchins, sea lillies, starfish etc) that's so fascinating. Like starfish, sea urchins have tube feet located in rows on the white bands. These small "feet" allow the animals to move across the ocean floor, and are also involved in the feeding and respiratory process!' Read more at #OfTheLand
BLUE SAIL / @youngmeerim 'favourite find' #OfTheLand week 2. Regram by @trinawinabina. Young's insight - 'These little jellyfish, Velella velella, use their sail to travel by wind on the ocean surface, which means they live both over and under water at the same time. The fact that they are left to the winds as a means of moving around the ocean is also why they tend to strand in very large numbers. You wouldn't necessarily think it, but what looks like one individual is actually an entire colony of either all male or all female polyps'. You can view Young's other favourite finds on the TOAST blog #OfTheLand
OF THE LAND / There is still time to share your picture from the land. TOAST & Natural History Conservation student @youngmeerim been enjoying your findings so far. Follow the activity via hashtag #OfTheLand Regram by @youngmeerim
TEXTURED WOOD / @youngmeerim 'favourite find' #OfTheLand week 2. Regram by @drawntothread. Young's thoughts - 'What an amazing piece of wood! The texture looks fantastic and the clearly visible growth rings, to me, make it look almost like an oyster shell. It’s like a piece of art. I’m always drawn to things that look touch worthy. I would love to run my fingers across the surface of this to feel the borders of the rings'. You can view Young's other week 2 favourite finds on the TOAST blog #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
CHAMBRAY MEN'S STYLE SHIRT / Long and easy button-through shirt in a soft cotton chambray. Dyed with real indigo - the 'true blue' of natural textile dyes, created from the leaves of the Indigofera plant. #fosterthoughtfulness #indigodye
A PEACEFUL MORNING / New TOAST lounge & nightwear available at #morningslikethese #fosterthoughtfulness
PLACES TO OUTDOOR BATHE - London & Beyond. Blog post by Anna Jacobsen @weareherenow now on Toast Travels. #outdoorbathing
FOSSILISED CRINOID – A SEA LILY STEM / @youngmeerim found this fossiled sea lily stem on a recent trip to Faxe Kalkbrud (a limestone quarry south of Copenhagen). Have you found anything interesting from the land? We would love to see. Share your picture using the hashtag #OfTheLand, tagging our name @TOASTtravels and @youngmeerim will pick her favourites, along with some insightful natural history facts on each of the selected finds. 11 – 28 August. Thank you to everyone that has already shared their discoveries. They are fascinating to see. #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
Today we enjoyed another beautiful lunch by the team at @tiosk_uk on Broadway Market. Regram by @tiosk_uk of their wholesome salad bowls. #fosterthoughtfulness #eatlocal
REST / Late Summer - The Full Collection. Visit #fosterthoughtfulness
TOAST Head of Visual Merchandising, Cerren, has been busy decorating the TOAST studio with bottles of ivy. #OfTheLand #fosterthoughtfulness
OUTDOOR BATHING / 'The pulse and pace of summer have given way to a period of quietude and ease. There's time to slip beneath the surface of things and into an old metal bath…' Just beyond the garden, on the edge of the wood, stands Louisa Thomsen Brits' old metal bath, rather like the one from our Late Summer shoot (pictured above). Sinking into its waters, warmed by the fire below, @louisa_thomsen_brits reflects on the charms of bathing outdoors… Read more at Regram by @llanjessica #fosterthoughtfulness #OfTheLand