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RIVER WYE / AFON GWY. The Wye's Latin name is 'Vaga', an adjective meaning 'wandering'. Photo by @buxtonc #hayfestival #riverwye #hayonwye
A WALK TO THE WARREN. Photo by @buxtonc #TOASTtakeover #hayfestival2015 #breconbeacons
SWANS / RIVER WYE. Photo by @buxtonc #TOASTtakeover #hayfestival #riverwye
"Imagine a party for everyone - young and old, right and left, the country and the city; a party with a thousand stories rather than a manifesto; a party where poetry trumps rhetoric, and where curiosity and discovery trump certainty and conviction; a party where dreams are dearer than promises, where we revel in dissent, and where to change your mind is strength and a pleasure." Peter Florence #hayfestival #hayfestival2015 Photo by @buxtonc
BRECON BEACONS / HAY FESTIVAL. Photo by @buxtonc #TOASTtakeover #HayFestival #breconbeacons
HAY FESTIVAL / IMAGINE THE WORLD. Photographer @buxtonc at Hay Festival today for our #TOASTtakeover. Medee Top, Dip Dye Linen Bag & Victoria Plimsolls available at #hayfestival
MAST BROTHERS / CHOCOLATE MAKERS - Redchurch Street. A good choice - Goat's milk with tasting notes: lemon curd, thyme, toasted meringue. @mastbrothers #redchurchstreet #mastbrothers #latergram
TOAST TAKE-OVER / CHRIS BUXTON. This weekend photographer @buxtonc from Wales will take-over the TOAST Instagram account to share pictures from Hay Festival in the Brecon Beacons. #regram by @buxtonc at Big Sur. #hayfestival #toasttakeover #bigsur
CHELSEA FLOWER SHOW WINDOW / Toast has created its own botanical window to celebrate @the_rhs #RHSChelsea. We will also be offering sparkling summer drinks throughout the week. TOAST, 205 King's Road #TOASTkingsroad #kingsroad
BY THE WATER / SYMI #symi #greece
VARCA SANDALS / TOAST King's Road #TOASTkingsroad #sandals Available at
The height of summer and long, sunny days stretching ahead in abundance - warm air and warm water, fresh and simple food, good company, good wine - deep and dreamless sleep.
SLOW MORNINGS #slowliving #morningslikethese
SISTERHOOD / From 29-31 May twenty five inspiring women will be camping under the stars. To share skills, common goals & friendship. Follow their adventure - #sisterhoodwithtoast #sisterhoodatloveland @sisterhood_camp @littlegreenshed @loopygibbens @me_and_orla @lobsterandswan @thislittlecorner @xantheb @caroline_south @_emmabradshaw @davinadrummond @aptapothecary @circleofpines @decoratorsnotes @jenlittlebirdie
SUMMER'S LEASE / AN INVITATION. Tomorrow (Saturday 16 May) we invite you into our shops to celebrate the arrival of our High Summer Collection. Share a glass of sparkling rosemary limeade, or two. In all TOAST shops excluding Kilver Court.
THE SIMPLEST SUMMER SHOES / Victoria Plimsolls available in 7 different shades at #simplestyle
Ceramicist @sueparaskeva hand throws and turns her beautiful speckled porcelain for us on the Isle of Wight. Here she is outside her studio wearing her TOAST linen apron. See inside on our blog Toast Travels #TOASTworkspace
DIP DYE LINEN BAG / Easy bag in soft, pure linen that has been dip-dyed by hand. Bright dyed outside, natural linen inside. Leather handles. Available at #dipdye #linen